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Pebbles was born in April of 2002, daughter of Ms. Runner. She was a blessing to be born healthy, considering how starved her mother was in December of 2001. Unfortunately, Pebbles was only with us a short year. She suffered a major case of colic last year and passed away. It truly was a sad day at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue. She continues to be missed by us all.


Slim was just a yearling when we picked him up in McClain County, December 23, 2001. He was in the worst shape of any horse I've ever seen and his insides were eaten up with parasites. Slim survived only 5 short days with us. I know deep in my heart that Slim had experienced the best 5 days of his life. Slim was buried by a pine tree overlooking the pond. We weren't able to give him the best life, but he deserves the best after life.


Honey. We are sad to report that Honey has walked to the Rainbow Bridge. Honey's leg was getting exceptionally worse and giving out more everyday. We finally came to the conclusion that Honey could no longer live in pain. She spent most of her final days laying down and barely being able to walk to get water. We decided to have her humanly put to sleep. She is in a much better place and today is able to run and play near the fields of the Rainbow Bridge, where we will meet again one day. We love you and miss you Honey. May you rest in peace.


Pokey passed away on November 26, 2005. Pokey was a wonderful horse that has lived a long, hopefully, fulfilling life. To best of our knowledge Pokey was at least 30 years old. He was missing most of his teeth and had bad arthritis in his legs. He still tried to be a part of everything and loved attention. Pokey will be so missed that we cannot even describe the pain that we feel losing him. Pokey, we love you, may you rest in peace and see in heaven what you didn't on earth.


Cotton We are sad to report that Cotton has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Cotton is no longer suffering and in pain. We took her to OSU on Friday, April 7, 2006. We had learned that Cotton had previously broken her shoulder and was left untreated. They estimated the wound to be a couple of years old. There was nothing that could be done for her and the pain would only progress and cause further problems for her existing good leg. Cotton also had very progressed Cancer in her left eye, possibly already reaching the bone and slight Cancer in the right eye. All the Veterinarians and ourselves felt that Cotton could no longer live her life in pain. We humanely put Cotton to sleep. She is now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Someone should have taken enough responsibility for her a long time ago. If Cotton would have had responsible caring owners in the past, then she may still be here today. Cotton only spent a short week here, but I know that she felt more love in that short week, then she has in the past several years. Cotton, we will forever miss you and know that you will always have a special place in Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue's Heart. May you see in Heaven, What you didn't on Earth!


Baby Our hearts are heavy that we lost this little girl. I can't even imagine what all was dealt to her in her short life, she was estimated to be 2 years of age. She had been severely starved and appeared to be stunted. Baby was improving, gaining weight and starting to grow, until she came down with a very rapid case of Strangles. She was not responding to antibiotics or any treatment that the vet tried, and her immune system was so weak. It truly broke our hearts to lose this little girl. She was just a sweetheart and truly deserved the best life possible. I am sure that Baby knows that everyone at Blaze's loved her dearly - if we could have only gotten her sooner. You are missed Baby! We will meet again someday.


Buford passed away on December 5, 2006. Buford was such a sweetheart and one with so much strength and courage to carry on every day with his bad foot. Buford passed away suddenly after 30 + years of life. He will be greatly missed. Everyday he would talk to us in such a way that it sounded as though he was laughing. I miss that now more than I can ever explain. Buford you are missed and so loved. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.


Miley passed away suddenly on August 6, 2007. We believe that Miley had a rapid onset of EPM. She went down suddenly and could feel no pain in her legs. We struggled for hours to get her to her feet and our vet did everything possible to save her. Unfortunately, we lost Miley on August 6. She is deeply missed and it is horrible to loose 2 wonderful horses in one week's time. Miley is running happy and free and I am sure that Brandon is chasing her all over the place. We miss Miley deeply and wish that she was still with us.


Brandon 8/03/07 is running carefree and no longer in pain. We had to make the agonizing decision to humanely euthanize Brandon. He became very lame and after taking X-rays, it showed that Brandon's coffin bone was completely eaten away. We knew that Brandon was foundered and hoped that we would be able to allow Brandon to live the rest of his life here and happy. Brandon truly was one of the happiest horses we have ever rescued. He had a strong will, but the pain in his foot was getting the best of him and I couldn't bare to watch him suffer. I miss this boy so much! He taught me so much, he gave so much love and showed his gratitude everyday. He was a remarkable horse, he came back from starvation, but we couldn't beat the damage that was done by his previous owners. I know that he loved his life here and I am blessed that I was able to spend 11 months with Brandon. Of course, I would have given anything to have had more time with him.


Tika We are saddened to report that we lost Tika recently in the horrible ice storm of 2007. She suffered severe injuries to her legs and hoofs. We had to make the agonizing decision to put her to sleep and relieve her pain. We know she is running carefree in heaven with our former rescues we have lost. We miss Tika deeply and wish that she could still be with us today.


May this sweet girl rest in peace and know that she was very loved. She can now run freely with no pain. We miss her dearly!


We were contacted by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office to assist with the seizure of two horses. When we arrived to assist, one of the horses was down, which was named JoJo . We immediately contacted our Veterinarian to assist us with this horse. After 4 long hours and freezing temperatures, we were not able to save JoJo. She just gave up and couldn't fight any longer, she was too weak, weak from such horrible neglect. She was never able to get on her feet, we supported her weight, so that she would not lay all the way down. We were forced to humanly put her down, where she could go peacefully. We were able to save her companion which we named Willow, but she has a long road of recovery. Rest in Peace JoJo and know that you were loved during our 4 hours together.


We were contacted by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office on January 24, 2009 to assist with Willow and her companion JoJo. We brought Willow home and started her rehabilitation process, but 2 days later Willow went down. Once again we started trying to save Willow, even placed her into a sling and lifted her to her feet, but she was unable to stand. She just couldn�t place her feet underneath her. She was showing neurological signs. Unfortunately, Willow did not make it. We began to panic and worried for the other horses in the barn with Willow and prayed that it was not something that was contagious. We sent Willow to OSU for a necropsy to confirm that our horses were safe. The necropsy found screws, bark, and porcelain type material in Willow�s stomach and colon. These poor girls were eating anything that they could find trying to survive. Willow is now running with her companion JoJo! Rest in Peace sweet girl! You will forever be in our hearts.


Priscilla has gone on to greener pastures, where she is whole and healthy again. Priscilla's injured hip just became to much for this sweet girl to bare anymore. She was no longer pasture sound and in obvious pain. We made the painful decision to let Priscilla go. She is now happy and running care free and no longer in pain. We miss you sweet Priscilla. Everyone that came into Priscilla's life was deeply touched and she is missed by so many.


Yahtzee. We are sad to report that we were not able to save Yahtzee. Bless her heart, she was too far gone and we did everything that we could to save her. Yahtzee is now running through greener pastures and is healthy and whole. She will be so missed. Although she was only with us for 2 short weeks, she will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace, sweet Yahtzee.


Tator. We are sad to report that Tator has passed away. Tator was still very weak and not moving forward with his rehabilitation as he needed to be. Tator injured himself, resulting in a fractured neck. We didn't feel that Tator should suffer, after he had already had such a hard life. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let Tator go. I know that he is in a better place. We gave him everything that we could during his time here and the only humane thing we could do was give him a peaceful ending. Tator will forever be missed! Rest in peace sweet boy! We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Gypsy. We are sad to report that Gypsy has passed away. Gypsy's foot was getting the best of her. Unfortunately, Gypsy wasn't pasture sound due to the extensive injuries she suffered prior to coming into rescue. We made the heartbreaking decision to humanely euthanize Gypsy, as she didn't deserve to spend her life contained in a stall every day in pain. If Gypsy had received the proper amount of care when the injury occurred, she would not have suffered such extreme conditions. Due to the length of time that the injury occurred and healed incorrectly, we were not left with much options to help Gypsy. I know that Gypsy is whole again and pain free, running in greener pastures. She is deeply missed. Rest in Peach Sweet Gypsy! You will be forever missed!


Turtle. We are sad to report that Turtle has passed away. Turtle came in with a large tumor in his bladder. He was loosing the ability to urinate and it became obvious that his condition was painful. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let Turtle go, as he was not a surgery candidate. Turtle will be forever missed! Rest in Peace sweet boy. We will miss your beautiful face and know that you were very loved. We will see you at the rainbow bridge my friend.


Brandy has lost her battle with her extreme founder. We had to make the heart wrenching decision to let Brandy go over the harsh winter. It was clear that she was struggling to get around and her feet where so sore. We had tried numerous types of corrective shoeing, etc., but Brandy just wasn't able to get comfortable and the winter was so hard on her. Brandy is now running in greener pastures with Brandon, pain free! We will forever you miss sweet girl! Always know we loved you so much and you will always be in our hearts.


JT has sadly lost his battle due to the extreme nature of his neglect. We were hoping that JT would rehabilitate and find the forever, loving home he deserved. Unfortunately, he died shortly after arrival into our rescue program. We know that JT is running happy and free in greener pastures. Although, we didn't get to spend much time with you, we loved you and you are deeply missed.


Our old Man Don has passed away! You will forever be missed. We love you sweet boy and enjoyed our years together. You came in as an untrusting mule and left us as one of our best friends. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy!


Petunia has sadly lost her battle due to the extreme nature of her neglect. This sweet girl new love in her few weeks with us. She had such a loving personality and truly enjoyed attention. She will forever be missed. Rest in Peace sweet girl, we know that you are happy and whole in greener pastures.


Turner aka DOC has lost his battle. I simply can't put into words what this special boy meant to us here at Blaze's. He had a remarkable will and was a survivor. Every day he had he was happy and carefree, playing with the other horses, running and bucking and being the beautiful boy he was. After 5 un-successful surgeries, we knew that his time was limited. We wanted him to remain a horse and enjoy life. We knew it was time to let our special Doc go earlier this year. It was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make, but once he lost that spark in his eye, we had to let him go peacefully. Doc, you will forever be missed. We love you more than words can express and you have brought us a lot of joy, despite all we had to go through with each other. Rest in Peace my love and Know that you will always remain in my heart. We love you dearly!


Blanche has sadly lost her battle due to the extreme nature of her neglect. When this special girl miscarried, she lost so much blood. We were hoping that this sweet girl would survive a blood transplant, but unfortunately, she was just to weak and continued to hemerage and loose blood. She will forever be missed. She was a special girl. She is no longer suffering and running in greener pastures. Rest in peace sweet girl!


We are sad to report that Dime has passed away. He suffered from Congestive heart failure and Lymphatic cancer. Dime is greatly missed. He was a special boy and very well loved while he spent his time with us. Rest In Peace Sweet boy. We know that you are running happy and carefree in greener pastures. We will love you always.


We are sad to report that Venus has passed away. We took Venus to OSU to have a CT Scan of her jaw, due to the constant drainage from the open wound above her eye, that would not close up and heal. The CT Scan showed drastic remodeling of the bone and severe infection had taken over and was eating away her healthy bone and tissue. Unfortunately, she was not a surgery candidate and they recommended to humanely euthanize her while she was happy and doing well. The infection would continue to spread and cause her more pain. Venus was doing great on the weight gain and looked good. She was happy, despite the injury, but we knew it wasn't fair to her to leave with a constant headache and drainage into her eye, etc., We waited until Venus let us know it was time to go. She was humanely euthanized in her foster home, where Venus felt love and knew she was home. They provided her with a beautiful burial on the hill, where she can lay in peace. This is a perfect example of a kill buyer allowing more pain and suffering. This poor girl may have had another chance at life, had her wounds been properly treated immediately following the trailer wreck she survived. Rest in Peace Sweet Venus! You were loved by many and we will all miss you greatly!

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