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Dakota, Fiance Nicholas and Son Brantley
Special Thanks to Fat Cat Photography

Our Family is pretty large when you think of the amount of animals we care for on a daily basis. We have a huge amount of compassion for all animals.

We have two daughters, Dakota, now 24 and Kaitlyn, now 21, who also cannot seem to get enough of our animal friends.

Our Family has grown tremendously, from gaining some amazing Son in law's to a wonderful Grandson. After being in rescue for 17 years, our kids grew up in rescue and now starting their own families. Besides our own, and the rescued horses, we have other animals as well. We have many dogs that have come to us in many forms of rescue. We have a Llama, Hillary, who firmly believes she is a horse and we also have several parrots. We stay busy, from our full time jobs, to our children, to our animals, but it is a family commitment – one that we all enjoy doing daily.

Kaitlyn & Husband Hunter
Special Thanks to Fat Cat Photography

Special Thanks to Fat Cat Photography

We want to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to our son Jay. Jay is, now 19, and enjoying life as a Senior, driving, and helping with the horses and other animals.

Shawn and Pete
Shawn and Pete
Special Thanks to Fat Cat Photography

Pete has been with Shawn since birth 36 years ago. Pete's mother died shortly after birth and Shawn bottle-fed him. Shawn and Pete have been buddies through everything. Shawn trained him and there isn't anything that Pete can't do. I guess you can say we had a knack for rescuing even at an early age. Pete is one of our greatest rewards.

Bandit was our second rescue. I saw Bandit and fell in love with him, but little did I know the abuse that he was suffering. We went to where Bandit lived and the conditions were horrible. He was on about one acre of nothing but debris to get cut on. We purchased Bandit and took him to the vet to be checked over. We quickly learned that Bandit has a partial paralysis of his tongue. The vet said that he had suffered severe damage from the bit. The previous owner was a teenager who was heavily into roping and apparently was extremely rough. Bandit is now 24 years old. He is such a wonderful boy and has really taught me a lot. He is MY first horse and continues to take care of me. Bandit continues to live here with Blaze and our long timer Pete.

My heart has broken as I lost my sweet Bandit, December of 2011. He was 26 years old when he passed and had developed Cancer. My life hasn't been the same without him. I find it hard to connect to another horse at the same level. I know in my heart, no horse can ever replace Bandit, but I struggle to find that relationship with another. I love all horses, but Bandit was my once in a lifetime horse. Of course, my heart and my life will never be empty of a horse and I know one day, I will find another that I connect with. In the meantime, my heart breaks as I mourn the loss of my bestfriend! R.I.P My Sweet Boy!



Now it would be impossible to highlight the wonderful new horses that have entered into our family since we started our rescue 10 years ago. Of course, the original horses were Pete, Bandit and Blaze. We now have our daughters horses and a few others that are part of the Cross Family. Some of them are pictured to the left. Whether they belong to the Cross Family or come to us through Blaze's, every horse is unique and different. All of them are loved equally while they are here. We strive to find the rescue horses the forever, loving homes that they deserve. Our horses will be here until they should pass, as they are a part of our family.

Natalee and Shawn
Boardwalk, Dakota, Brantley, Shawn, Natalee, Jay, Kaitlyn and Frank. Read how Blaze
inspired Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue on our About page.

our photo album
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