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Elvis Elvis
Elvis Elvis
Elvis, Summer 2008

Elvis came into our rescue program on September 27, 2007. Elvis came in with 1 other horse that was severely neglected and starved, both had wounds all over their body, and infested with parasites. These horses were being ridden in their current condition. Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office investigated these horses and called us to seize and rehabilitate. The former owner Forfeited their ownership rights and is currently being charged with Animal Cruelty. Elvis is a 15 year old, Sorrel, Gelding. Elvis' right side pelvis is extremely deformed, but fortunately, he shows no lameness issues, despite whatever trauma he suffered. This sweet, sweet boy, will let you do anything to him without a fight or give even an ounce of attitude. He is an extremely well mannered horse that just wants to be loved and given positive attention. My heart goes out to this wonderful boy. Elvis is still rehabilitating and has a longer road of recovery than his pasture mate Logan. We will update with additional information as Elvis continues to thrive and rehabilitate. If you are interested in giving this sweetheart a loving, forever home, please submit an application. We will update his adoption status as he progresses.

Elvis Update 7-7-08 -- Elvis is currently seeking his loving, forever home to call his own. Elvis is available for Adoption as a COMPANION ANIMAL ONLY! Elvis is not suitable for riding, since his pelvis is severely dislocated. He has been through so much already, we don't feel that he needs to carry any added weight on his hips. He is a sweet boy. You can do anything with this sweet baby! He loves attention, stands for the farrier, etc., He is just a total sweetheart! He deserves a wonderful family to call his own where he will receive lots of love and attention. He would be a great horse for a small child to learn the fundamentals of horse ownership, such as grooming, etc., If you are interested in giving this sweet boy a loving, forever home, please submit an adoption application today.


May 24th, 2011, The day that forever changed our lives. On this horrible day a EF5 Tornado tore through much of Canadian County. This devastating Tornado directly hit one of our own. Our Value Board Members Desiree & Brian Walling took a direct hit in Calumet, Oklahoma loosing everything. This family had cared for many of Blaze's horses. They had 21 horses in their care, 11 of them being Blaze's horses that they fostered and the remaining 10 were the Wallings personal horses that they had adopted from Blaze's over the last several years. I will never forget the moment that I heard from the Walling family and knew that they were safe. My biggest fear was for Brian and Desiree Walling, along with their 2 foster children. I knew moments before the Tornado hit that they were in their storm cellar, but waiting to hear that they were safe, felt like an entirety, in reality, it was only minutes. Brian Walling called to let us know that they were safe, trapped in the storm cellar and that they had lost everything. I immediately Thanked God for their safety, but my heart was broken for their loss. I told them that I would head their way immediately and do whatever I could to help. I felt so much pain and heart ache that day. I didn't ask about the horses initially because I knew deep down, that they probably couldn't have survived an EF5. We prepared to head to Calumet, we hooked up the 4 horse trailer and all I could hope for, was that we would be able to put horses in it. I couldn't prepare myself for what we would see arriving in Calumet. The destruction was unbelievable. We found 3 surviving horses this dreadful evening! Thank God The Walling Family survived!!


May 25th, 2011 We received a miracle yesterday in Calumet. As many of you know, our valued board members, friends, family, volunteers, and foster home Desiree & Brian Walling were directly hit by the Tornado in Calumet, Oklahoma. We originally reported that we had 3 surviving horses out of 21. As we ended that devastating night, we had 3 horses that were unaccounted for, we had to humanely euthanize 3 of the horses that sustained serious injuries, we had 3 survivors that went to the veterinary clinic, and found 12 of the horses confirmed deceased.

The next morning, Brian was approached by the Search and Rescue team about an injured horse that needed to be euthanized. Our initial thought was that it was one of the 3 missing horses. Brian immediately went to attend to the horse, and much to his and our surprise, it was Elvis, who was euthanized the night before. Elvis had sustained multiple severe injuries throughout his body, including a major head injury, leaving his skull exposed and his right ear severed from the ear canal and currently hanging by the skin of his neck. Completely amazed and stunned, Brian finds Elvis walking around and grazing on the pasture. It was truly a miracle and we feel that Elvis is not ready to "leave the building". Elvis has experienced so much trauma in his life time, coming to us as an animal cruelty case, extremely emaciated, with a dislocated pelvis and injury to his withers. Once rehabilitated, he had experienced a loving home with his foster family in Calumet, Oklahoma. Elvis has been enjoying a comfortable, relaxing life with the Wallings for the past 3 years. Now, for Elvis to survive a horrific Tornado and euthanasia, we feel that we have to do everything humanely possible to save Elvis' life. I know many of you are thinking, how in the world did Elvis survive being euthanized? Elvis was pronounced dead, had no vital signs and had taken his last breath. On an extremely rare occasion, horses that have experienced extreme trauma and are in shock, produce so much adrenaline that their body does not accept the euthanasia. Basically, it slows the heart rate so much that it is undetectable. Elvis is in extremely good spirits considering his injuries. He is eating and drinking! We ask for your prayers and support to help pull Elvis through this extremely difficult time. He is not out of the woods yet, and is still in critical condition. We strongly believe in the power of prayer and ask everyone to please pray for Elvis' survival.

We were blessed with another miracle that morning after finding Elvis alive. We still had the 3 missing to find. Brian was walking around the property looking for the missing horses, when he approached what used to be the barn, he saw something white and moving. He went in for further investigation and found Fiona standing in the middle of rubble and debris, with the steel rafters and tin from the barn draped over her and protecting her. She barely had enough space to move forward or sideways, and did sustain a few injuries, but thankfully, she was alive and once she heard Brian, she nickered. Brian had to get help removing and cutting away debris to get her out. Brian had to use cutting torches and a bulldozer to get her out. Fiona was great and remained extremely calm and comfortable. Fiona and Elvis are together at the Veterinarians. Fiona is doing amazing!! Elvis is doing great despite everything and we pray that he will survive. Sadly, Jackie, which was one of the 3 survivors initially found, has passed away. We now have 4 survivors.

Of the surviving horses, Catori and Moonstruck, whom have also suffered a great deal in their life are true survivors and have survived this horrific tornado with barely a scratch! We are so thankful to have Catori, Moonstruck, Fiona and Elvis still with us. As the Wallings have lost everything, they are truly holding on to these horses and praying for their speedy recovery and looking forward to bringing them home soon.


May 27th, 2011 I write this update with a heavy heart! Sadly, Elvis lost his fight this afternoon. We had such an amazing evening and morning with Elvis and we all just knew that he was going to pull through. Within an hour, everything had changed. Elvis started showing signs of going Toxic, his Total Protein level had dropped to 4. Our wonderful Veterinarian started additional anti toxins to help him, plus calcium and protein. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and he went very quickly and peacefully. I find myself asking, Why? Why, did we receive these 2 additional days with Elvis, only to loose him? Our hearts are truly broken and the loss of Elvis is devastating, not only for myself, but for every single person that rallied to save his life.

I want to take this moment to Thank everyone that had a hand in Elvis' survival! Our Wonderful Veterinarian Dr. Charlotte Kin ran to Calumet to tend to Elvis' after hearing our call for help, finding him up from being euthanized the night before. Dr. Kin wasn't able to respond the initial night of the Tornado, as she was helping so many other Tornado victims in Piedmont. Dr. Kin didn't hesitate and arrived immediately on scene the next morning to assist Elvis and Fiona. Dr. Kin and her wonderful vet tech Ginger Williamson tended to them both with such love and dedication. Dr. Kin not only gave Elvis and Fiona her all as a dedicated Veterinarian, but she took care of them as they were her own, she had so much love and compassion and wanted to see Elvis survive as much as we did. She was truly amazing and did more for Elvis than I could have ever asked for. If he needed it, she gave it to him. She spent time with him and till the end she loved him as much as we did! It's not everyday that your Veterinarian will put aside everything else and grieve right beside you. She is truly my hero and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Kin and her amazing staff Ginger Williamson, Megan Vanderslice and Ellen Orthwein for all the love, support, care, dedication, compassion and around the clock care they provided this special boy! We all had so much hope and sadly it was taken way from us in a blink of an eye. Elvis had a heart of gold and fought like a true champion to survive. He received a beautiful burial this afternoon, where he has so much beautiful land to see and enjoy. He was buried with a Champion Ribbon, as he certainly didn't deserve anything less. We all love you so much Elvis! May you rest in peace our sweet boy! You will forever be in our heart and never forgotten! Run free in greener pastures and we will meet you someday at the rainbow bridge!

Thank you all for your prayers for Elvis! Please continue to pray for Fiona! She appears to be doing great and Dr. Kin is continuing to keep a close eye on her. We pray that she will continue to pull through with flying colors, as I just don't think that any of us can handle loosing another precious life.

I wanted to take a moment and share just a few of the comments Elvis received in his passing:

Dorren writes: It saddens my heart greatly to know that Elvis lost his battle!!!!! Apparently he was not ready to go under the conditions that he was dealt that day and he decided to stay on a few more days to go on his own terms!!! Probably something I myself would do! God Bless you Elvis and may you run free with the Greatest of them that have gone on before you!!!!!!!!

Sherrill writes: My heart is literally broken; but Elvis proved that miracles really do happen. His miracle meant so much to so many people. We thank you, precious, beautiful Elvis, for giving us a miracle to remember always. May you enjoy your life on ...the other side, running free with other horses, and basking in all the love that was given to you from your beloved human family, to keep forever. Those on earth who loved you will be with you again when it's their time to pass on to the other side.

Robynn writes: Our family will continue to keep the family and all those affected by the storms in our prayers. Elvis's story affected us so profoundly....sometimes we are not meant to know why things happen, but it is very clear that Elvis brought many ...people closer together and I'm convinced that he knew his family loved him dearly and did everything they could to help him. Hang in there! So many people are out here praying!

Carol writes: Elvis came back to life to show everyone that know matter what devistation has been handed to you, you MUST fight back. I know that Natalee, Desiree, Charlotte and Ellen give way beyond giving back when it comes to giving horses an extra ch...ance...ALWAYS. I am sure that Elvis knew that if he had a chance that group would give it to him. He will be forever grateful for the last chance given to him by those that loved him.

Fran writes: I didn't know Elvis. But I do know him. He was such a strong soul and a survivor all the same. He just chose HIS way to leave this Earth. Run free Elvis, run free!

Jesi writes: So so sorry :( You and all of your friends/family/vet staff are all in my thoughts and prayers, i'm sure it was extremely hard having him for a few days and then for God to take him away, but trust that he knows why he did that and pray he... will give you peace. You did wonderful things for Elvis and for that I know he will be eternally grateful. You'll see him again someday, and for now he's running around eating and playing to his hearts content :)

Jim writes: Elvis showed the true meaning of "spirit"......he fought all the odds....if there is ever a lesson that we could all learn from Elvis it would be "Never Give Up!" Just when you think all hope is lost, inspiration arrives. Elvis, rest in peace, you will be the star at The Rainbow Bridge!!!

Hiedi writes: So sorry for your loss. What a miracle that you were given for those few extra days with Elvis. He was able to come back and say goodbye with his family with him. what a heart of gold he must have had. You all are in my prayers along with little Fiona.

Foster Family Desiree Walling Writes: I'm finally getting a chance to sit down tonight & think about you, my sweet, funny boy with the beautiful flaxen mane & tail. My heart is hurting so bad right now for you & this awful end you were met with & the fight you put up. You were just turning grey around your eyes this past year, but i always assumed you would be with us for many, many, more years to come, little did we know. Wish I would have hugged you a little tighter or given you an extra cube this past Tuesday morning before our world was turned upside down. Rest in peace my sweet boy, run in those green pastures & give those donkeys hell like you always did. Forever we will love you & never will we forget you.

With so much time to reflect and grieve for Elvis. I realized that Elvis sent so many people, so many wonderful messages. I realized that Elvis brought us more in those last 2 days, than I could have ever asked for. Because Elvis touched so many people's lives, I felt that it was only fitting to start The Elvis Fund. The Elvis Fund is in Memory of our wonderful boy Elvis. The Elvis Fund will provide a horse a second chance. If Elvis was willing to fight for his life with such courage and diginity, then he did so with a purpose. The Elvis Fund will go to support a horse, that otherwise, may not have been givin a second chance. However, this horse may come to us, as long as he has the will and battle to survive, we will do all we can to bring that horse through, and all will be done in Memory of Elvis! Please consider making a donation towards The Elvis Fund and help us save a life, that otherwise might not be givin the second chance.

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.

I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame.

Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part. God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.

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